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"We truly understand the frustrations felt by parents, and strive to produce the most effective results in their children because we treat every child as if he/she were our own."

For the Parents

Many parents wonder if their child is developing normally. It is common to compare your own child to others at the daycare or in the neighborhood and wonder why your child is not developmentally the same as others. If you are not exactly certain what milestones should be achieved at what age, the following is a good start: Click here for milestones established by the American Academy of Pediatrics and One for Autism Awareness.

Why Therapy?

Although there is great debate in what causes Autism and other developmental delays, there is universal agreement that the earlier in the child's life that therapy is introduced, the more successful the outcomes will be. For this reason, ALL parents should be actively aware and proactive in their child's development.

Help Us Help You

We provide specialized services to help your children overcome the obstacles that they now face. At best, we can see your kids four times a week but the average is twice a week. In order to help us both achieve the goals in your child, we ask that you also work with your kids on the days s/he doesn't have therapy here at the clinic. The more we BOTH work with your child, the faster the goals can be met.