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Treating every child like our own

We have been

San Antonio's largest multi-disciplinary pediatric outpatient rehab clinic since 1999!

Our mission is to equip every child with the essential skills and tools for a fulfilled

and healthy life.

Our vision is to unlock every child's potential through innovative pediatric healthcare.

We provide personalized and collaborative pediatric therapy services tailored to each child's unique needs. Our approach fosters children's innate abilities and equips them with life-long tools for growth and success.


We understand

The founders intimately understand the challenges of raising a child with exceptionalities. After struggling to find resources to meet their child's needs, they created Stone Oak Therapy Services & Behavior Analysis (SOTSBA). SOTSBA wasn't started as a business venture, but as a way to educate and assist families facing similar challenges. 

3 C's of SOTSBA Care


No child is the same, so no treatment is the same. Each child receives personalized care and goals to optimize their development in a challenging and engaging manner.  


Our outstanding, multidisciplinary team utilizes a holistic treatment approach to nurture all your child's needs under one roof. 


Effective communication and teamwork set the foundation for exceptional results. You'll stay informed and engaged in every aspect of your child's progress.


Visit our Service page to learn more! 

Primary Services


Applied Behavior Analysis


Occupational Therapy


Physical Therapy


Speech Therapy

Specialty Services


Aquatic Therapy


Assistive Tech & AAC


Feeding Therapy


Social Skills Group Therapy

What Families Are Saying! 

Olivia Sondashi

If there was a chance of giving more stars, I would. The people make every encounter hopeful and comforting. They are all experts in their trade and smile as though they are taught to do so. No matter what services you require, try Stone Oak Therapy Services and Behavioral Analysis first before you miss out on an actual life-changing impactful experience.

Ana Barrera

Amazing facility and providers, I can't describe how grateful I am to them. My son has improved so much! He has physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy there and I would not go anywhere else! Thank you!!

Kayla Longoria

I enrolled my daughter when she was 3 years old and we were just starting our Autism journey. She was at a 10-month-old level at 3 years old. My daughter is now 6 years old and she has progressed so much! She went from non-verbal to communicating in age-appropriate sentences, she is potty trained, she has learned to try new foods, and she loves learning. The staff really love the children and I felt they had her best interest at heart and she was safe in their care.


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